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Pressure is defined as the physical force exerted on an object. The force applied is perpendicular to the surface of objects per unit area.

Barometer Tube 900mm Long

Product Code : EL-P-12384

Thick wall glass tube closed one end.

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Bourdon Gauge

Product Code : EL-P-12385

On base with inlet tube for measuring pressures from 0-250 kPa.

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Boyles Law Mercury Type

Product Code : EL-P-12386

Readings are taken from a central scale graduated in millimetres.

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Boyles Law Syringe Type

Product Code : EL-P-12387

The Syringe type Boyles Law apparatus is convenient

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Charles Law Beaker Type

Product Code : EL-P-12388

For determining the relationship between the volume

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Communication Vessel

Product Code : EL-P-12389

Liquid in this vessel will always remain level.

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Cup Suction Rubber 75mm with Hook

Product Code : EL-P-12390

Two can be used as simple Magdeburg hemispheres.

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Jolly Bulb and Gauge

Product Code : EL-P-12391

For showing the pressure of a fixed volume

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Magdeburg Hemispheres Iron

Product Code : EL-P-12392

The spheres become tightly closed together and cannot be pulled apart.

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Manometer on Stand with Scale

Product Code : EL-P-12393

Accepts a 10mm tubing.

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Pascal Apparatus Glass

Product Code : EL-P-12394

Water is forced out through the holes equally in all directions

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Pump Foot

Product Code : EL-P-12395

Automotive air foot operated pump with gauge.

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Pump Force Glass

Product Code : EL-P-12396

Un mounted glass working model of force pump.

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Pump Hand for Boyles Law

Product Code : EL-P-12397

Black metal bicycle pump with connection hose.

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Pump Lift Glass

Product Code : EL-P-12398

Un mounted glass working model of lift pump.

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