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Electrostatics is a branch of physics that deals with the phenomena and properties of stationary or slow-moving electric charges. Electrostatic phenomena arise from the forces that electric charges exert on each other and are described by Coulombs law.

Cloth Dacron (Silk)

Product Code : EL-E-12180

For electrostatic charging of rods or strips.

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Cloth Flannel

Product Code : EL-E-12181

For electrostatic charging of rods or strips.

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Coulomb Meter Digital

Product Code : EL-E-12182

It can be charged by contact or by induction by bringing a charged body up to the 25 mm collecting plate.

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Electric Field Apparatus

Product Code : EL-E-12183

Mounted on transparent plastic base with glass dish that can be used on overhead projector.

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Electroscope Box

Product Code : EL-E-12184

Metal case with 4 mm earthing socket and glass sides

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Electroscope Flask

Product Code : EL-E-12185

Gold leaves repel outwards when a charged object is brought close.

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Electroscope Pith Ball

Product Code : EL-E-12186

Pair of metallised spheres suspended by threads from wire frame support stand.

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Electrostatic Strip and Cloth Set

Product Code : EL-E-12187

Consists of a positive and negative plastic strip

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Electrostatics Kit

Product Code : EL-E-12188

With electroscope, two positive and negative plastic charging strips

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Millikan Apparatus

Product Code : EL-E-12189

The instrument is designed so that a minimum of preparation is required prior to an experiment.

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Rod Plastic Negative Charging

Product Code : EL-E-12190

Negative rod 10 x 250 mm for electrostatic charging.

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Rod Plastic Positive Charging

Product Code : EL-E-12191

Positive rod 10 x 250 mm for electrostatic charging.

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Strip Plastic Negative 250mm

Product Code : EL-E-12192

Two charged strips, each balancing on their own pivot needle stand, can be moved together to produce dramatic movement of repulsion or attraction.

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Strip Plastic Positive 250mm

Product Code : EL-E-12193

Balances on pivot stand.

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Strip Small Plastic Negative

Product Code : EL-E-12194

Small moulded plastic strip for negative charging.

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