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A synthetic coordination entity that closely approaches the properties of a metal ion in a protein and yields useful information concerning biological structure and function.

Atom Model Molecular

Product Code : EL-CM-12458

Economy ball-ball type proportional model

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Atom Model Set Senior 250-PCS

Product Code : EL-CM-12459

Very helpful in modelling different organic and inorganic compounds.

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Atom Molecular Basic Structure

Product Code : EL-CM-12460

Covers basic structures, with 520 atom centres and 400 bonds.

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Atom Molecular Foundation Set

Product Code : EL-CM-12461

65 atoms, 90 bonds, model building instructions.

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Atom Molecular Organic/Inorganic Class

Product Code : EL-CM-12462

500 atoms, 320 bonds, 1 activity booklet.

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Atom Molecular Large Demo Set

Product Code : EL-CM-12463

Demonstrate rotating single bonds and non-rotating double and triple bonds, structural isomers and optical isomers

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Atom Molecular Models Set 14

Product Code : EL-CM-12464

Models that represent linear, trigonal planar

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Atom Molecular Organic/Inorganic

Product Code : EL-CM-12465

Covers organic and inorganic chemistry.

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Atom Molecular Organic/Inorganic Group

Product Code : EL-CM-12466

1390 atoms, 1700 bonds, 5 booklets

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Atom Molecular Set Large Class

Product Code : EL-CM-12467

A comprehensive set that covers all branches of chemistry

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Atom Elementary Organic Model

Product Code : EL-CM-12468

14 hydrogen, 6 carbon, 6 oxygen, 2 nitrogen, 2 halogen, 20 medium links, 4 long flexible links.

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Organic Introductory Set

Product Code : EL-CM-12469

12 carbon, 20 hydrogen, 7 oxygen, 6 halogen, 2 nitrogen, 1 sulphur with 2 link sizes.

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Organic Molecular Model (Teacher Set)

Product Code : EL-CM-12470

Organic molecular model (teacher set).

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Inorganic/Organic Molecular Models (Teacher Set)

Product Code : EL-CM-12471

Ideal for school use from elementary to advanced level organic chemistry.

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Large Biochemistry Teacher Set

Product Code : EL-CM-12472

The set contains : 66 carbon, 34 nitrogen, 40 oxygen

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