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Light waves are electromagnetic waves while sound waves are mechanical waves. Light waves are transverse while sound waves are longitudinal. Light waves can travel in vacuum. Sound waves require a material medium to travel, and hence, cannot travel in vacuum.

Bell in Flask

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12298

Bell enclosed in bell jar fitted with rubber stopper with two terminals

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Block Glass 114 X 73 X 19mm

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12299

Glass block for light refraction.

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Block Perspex 100 X 75 X 20mm

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12300

Clear Perspex block for light refraction.

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Colour Paddles

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12301

Set of 6

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Colour Pyramid for Colour Mix

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12302

125 mm tetrahedron with different coloured sides

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Diffraction Grating

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12303

100, 300 and 600 lines.

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Diffraction Grating Transmission

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12304

Plastic 35 mm slide mount

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Filters Coloured for Ray Box

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12305

Spare set of 8 rigid plastic colour filters for ray box optics set.

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Lamp Desk 60 Watt

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12306

With metal shade and coiled support rod that can be bent in any direction

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Lamp for Ray Box

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12307

Lamp for older model optics kit ray box

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Lamp for Ray Box 12v Halogen

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12308

Two pin 6.35 mm apart 12V 35W halogen lamp axial filament for new style plastic ray box.

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Lamp Holder Mes

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12309

Small plastic circular lampholder

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Lamp Mes 1.5V

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12310

Standard torch globe with screw type mes fitting.

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Lamp Spectrum Holder E27

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12311

Requires spectrum lamp with E27 screw fitting, and spectrum power supply unit.

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Lamp Spectrum Mercury Hg E27

Product Code : EL-LWAS-12312

The lamps must be fitted in the spectral lamp holder and powered via the spectrum lamp power supply

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