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70% IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11395

Physical and Chemical Properties : Physical state : Liquid

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Hand Sanitizer 1.5 Liter Container 80 %

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11396

This is a pack of 3, 3 liter containers for a total of 9 liters for this listing.

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Cleanroom Wipes, 100% Polyester

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11397

• 100% virgin, continuous filament, double-knit polyester fiber

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Cleanroom Wipes, 55% Cellulose / 45% Polyester

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11398

• 55% cellulose / 45% polyester blend • Cold knife cut edge

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Short Path Distillation Head With Coil Condenser

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11399

Ideal for botanical distillation or fragrance extraction Made from 3.3 borosilicate glass for greater durability Features three 1/4″ hose nozzles

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Condenser, Graham, 200mm, 24/40 Joint

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11400

Socket is 24/40 with a screw thread connector.

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Condenser, Liebig, 500mm, 24/40 Joint

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11401

Socket is 24/40 with a screw thread connector.

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Condenser, Vigreux, 300mm, 24/40 Joint

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11402

Includes a 24/40 connector. A Vigreux column is a type of air condenser where the

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Crucibles, Glass, 100ml (Crucible Only)

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11403

Lids, also manufactured from quartz, are sold separately.

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Crucibles, Glass, 150ml (Lid Only)

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11404

Can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 1050 C.

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Crucibles, Porous Bottom

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11405

Porcelain 25 ml, 5.0 Micron Available with very fine (1.2 um), fine (5 um), and medium (15 um) pore diameters.

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Crucibles, Tall Form, Glass 15 ml

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11406

Quartz material offers low expansion, dimensional stability, and thermal shock resistance.

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Porcelain Crucible, Tall Form, With Cover

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11407

Autoclavable. Withstand temperatures to 1150 degrees C.

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Porcelainware Starter Kit, Economy

Product Code : EL-CRAB-11408

Starter kit includes the following : Contents : Crucible, Porcelain, Low Form, 50 ml capacity

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