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Matter is a substance that has inertia and occupies physical space. According to modern physics, matter consists of various types of particles, each with mass and size. The most familiar examples of material particles are the electron, the proton and the neutron. Combinations of these particles form atoms.

Linear Expansion Apparatus

Product Code : EL-M-10807

The apparatus is fitted on heavy channel base, at one end of which is an adjusting screw, at the opposite end is a

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Steel Ball Drilled

Product Code : EL-M-10808

3/4″ Drilled steel ball – can be used for collison and pendulum demostrations. Steel Ball can be used for

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Aluminum Cube

Product Code : EL-M-10809

Each material is represented by a .5 inch, 1 inche and 1.5 inch cube.

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Brass Cube

Product Code : EL-M-10810

Each material is represented by a .5 inch, 1 inche and 1.5 inch cube.

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Copper Cube

Product Code : EL-M-10811

Individual cubes for density experiments. Available in eight different materials : acrylic, aluminum,

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Compound Bar Set

Product Code : EL-M-10812

Since each metal has a different coefficient of thermal expansion, they will create a unique curve when paired

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Hooke’s Law Spring

Product Code : EL-M-10813

Pre-stress has been removed for accurate results. With a hook to support a weight hanger and a red arrow

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Overflow Can, Clear Plastic

Product Code : EL-M-10814

Made of clear acrylic, the can measures 5.5cm I.D. x 7cm high with a wall thickness of 3mm.

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Properties Of Materials Kit

Product Code : EL-M-10815

Equal Volume Metal Cylinders Set – Aluminum, Copper, Steel - 1

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Spouting Cylinder

Product Code : EL-M-10816

This clear acrylic cylinder, 19-5/16″ high, includes three vertically aligned spouting nozzles positioned 4-3/4″

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Aneroid Barometer

Product Code : EL-M-10817

Overall diameter is 7.5″. An ideal scientific instrument that can be used to measure air pressure.

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Archimedes Principle Apparatus

Product Code : EL-M-10818

The cylinder is made of white nylon. This item requires a 200g spring scale, an overflow can, and a beaker (not included).

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Ball And Ring Apparatus

Product Code : EL-M-10819

All brass construction with brown lacquer finish wood handle. Includes activity guide.

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Bimetal Strip/Compound Bar

Product Code : EL-M-10820

Bar is bi-metallic and has a wooden handle attached. A quick and easy tool for demonstrating thermal properties of matter.

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Boyles Law Apparatus

Product Code : EL-M-10821

A piston is mounted to a platform that holds various size weights, allowing students to plot pressure versus volume of gases in the cylinder.

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