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Positive (negative) work is done by a thermodynamic system when it expands (contracts) under an external pressure. Heat is the energy transferred between two objects (or two parts of a system) because of a temperature difference. Internal energy of a thermodynamic system is its total mechanical energy.

Ball and Ring Wood Handle

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12201

High quality 25 mm brass ball with ring to show expansion due to heating.

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Bar and Gauge

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12202

For showing expansion due to heat.

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Bar Breaking Apparatus

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12203

Heavy iron base with thick iron bar demonstrates how force

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Bar Compound

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12204

Comprises bimetallic strip with wooden handle to demonstrate

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Bimetal Strip and Switch

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12205

This has a bimetal strip which when heated with a flame

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Brownian Tube Mercury Beads

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12206

Supplied in enclosed glass tube ready for use.

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Bunsen Burner

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12207

Standard Bunsen burner for use with propane gas (bottle gas).

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Burner Bunsen Set with Cadac

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12208

Consists : Bunsen burner, Cadac gas cylinder 3Kg

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Burner Gas

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12209

The refill gas canister fits in from underneath.

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Burner Gas Refill Only

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12210

Gas refill canister 190 g to fit Burner Gas.

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Burner Gas - Bunsen

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12211

Air inlet adjustment ring, control knob for flame adjustment.

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Cadac Regulator

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12212

Fits any Cadac gas cylinder to allow rubber tubing to be connected and to regulate the gas flow.

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Calorimeter Aluminium 75 x 50mm

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12213

Calorimeter cup only, small inner size.

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Calorimeter Joules Electric

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12214

Housed in insulated container.

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Candles Household

Product Code : EL-HWAE-12215

Pack of 6 household candles.

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