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Waves involve the transport of energy without the transport of matter. In conclusion, a wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through a medium, transporting energy from one location (its source) to another location without transporting matter.

Vibration Generator Set

Product Code : EL-W-10936

The generator can be used on the bench or attached to stand material via a threaded socket on the bottom surface.

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Pendulum Investigation Kit

Product Code : EL-W-10937

Drilled Ball, 1 inch, Steel - 2 Drilled Ball, 1 inch, Aluminum - 2

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Resonance Box With Tuning Fork

Product Code : EL-W-10938

Resonator box is 18cm x 9cm x 5cm. Available in four tuning frequencies listed below.

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Tuning Fork Mallet W/Acrylic/Rubber Striker

Product Code : EL-W-10939

Specially designed mallet for striking tuning forks includes an acrylic head with a rubber end mounted on a metal rod with

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Tuning Fork Mallet W/Rubber Striker

Product Code : EL-W-10940

Economical mallet for striking tuning forks includes a spherical hard rubber head on a hardwood handle.

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Tuning Fork Set Of 13

Product Code : EL-W-10941

The frequency and scale letter is stamped on each fork. This is a set of 13 Tuning Forks.

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Tuning Fork, Boxed Set Of 8

Product Code : EL-W-10942

Contains one each of tuning forks with frequencies of 256, 288, 320, 341.3, 384, 426.6, 480, and 512 Hz.

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Vibrations And Waves Set

Product Code : EL-W-10943

The wide range of accessories allow both of the fundamental topics of transverse and longitudinal waves

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Wave Demonstrator Spring Set

Product Code : EL-W-10944

The long, narrow spring measures 3/4″ x 72″ and can be extended to 5 meters.

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