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pipettors and pipettes come in many different designs. Adjustable pipettors give the user an option of selecting the desired amount of volume to dispense, whereas a fixed volume instrument dispenses the same exact volume of liquid each time. Our variety of manual pipettors allow the user to deliver or withdraw liquid by using their thumb to control the piston

Adjustable 1000-5000 uL

Product Code : EL-P-11272

Technical Specifications : Volume Range : 1000-5000ul Increments : 50.0ul

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Single-Channel Adjustable Pipette, 5-50uL

Product Code : EL-P-11273

Key Features : • Pipettes cover a volume range from 0.1μL to 10mL • Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience

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MicroPette Mechanical Single-Channel Adjustable Pipette, 0.1-2.5uL

Product Code : EL-P-11274

Volume adjustment is selected by turning the thumb plunger mechanism.

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MicroPette Plus Single-Channel Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 0.1-2.5uL

Product Code : EL-P-11275

Fully autoclavable • Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience

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MicroPette Plus Single-Channel Adjustable Volume Pipettor, 50-200uL

Product Code : EL-P-11276

These pipettors are compatible with most universal tip.

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High-Performance Adjustable Volume Pipettor (1000-5000ul)

Product Code : EL-P-11277

The unique padding not only reduces thumb stress, but also

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Pipette Kit

Product Code : EL-P-11278

A new spring and seal design allows for one of the lowest plunger force requirements to help reduce fatigue.

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Fully Autoclavable, 12-Channel, Adjustable Volume, 20 – 200uL

Product Code : EL-P-11279

Simple operation and light weight aid in reducing fatigue and a 360° rotating manifold allows for positioning vertically or horizontally while aspirating or dispensing.

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Fully Autoclavable, 8-Channel, Adjustable Volume, 5 – 50uL

Product Code : EL-P-11280

For the ultimate in pipetting and ergonomics for your plate preps, choose multi-channel pipettors!

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Fully Autoclavable, Adjustable Volume, 0.1 – 2.5uL

Product Code : EL-P-11281

The magnetic assisted piston ensures the best consistency with each plunger motion to the first and second stops for aspiration, dispense and touch off.

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Fully Autoclavable, Fixed Volume, 2.5uL

Product Code : EL-P-11282

PVDF tip cone material aids in durability against corrosion and shock.

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Micropette Set of 3

Product Code : EL-P-11283

Key Features Include : Universal Tip cone – compatible with most internationally accepted tips

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Micropipette Kit

Product Code : EL-P-11284

Key features : Achieve precision – This reduces air compression and enables the user to achieve precision in practical lab conditions.

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Variable Volume Single Channel Adjustable Pipette

Product Code : EL-P-11285

Features : High quality spring mechanism ensures softer plunger movement.

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Adjustable Pipettor

Product Code : EL-P-11286

Key Features : Fully autoclavable. ( 121℃ for 20 minutes )

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